Our approaches


Having a solid training in forensic psychiatry and psychology, our Center assumes expert mandates in various conditions:

  • Penal and civil judicial procedures, insurance litigation
  • Work capacities
  • Private mandates related to:
    • Parental skills
    • Fitness for military service and career orientation
    • Estate litigation

All of the expertises are completed within three months following the reception of the mandate. Appointment : Cristelle Rodriguez, administrator of the Center.


All psychotherapeutic treatments are assumed by well-trained psychologists and psychiatrists with a long lasting experience in classical psychotherapeutic approaches (psychoanalysis, family and behavioural therapy) as well as mind-body therapies (Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Neurofeedback, EMDR, ACT). According to the needs, these treatments are associated with regular psychiatric interviews in order to examine their progression and duration as well as the pertinence of pharmacological prescription.

We are particularly interested by the treatment needs of people facing complex identity problems or severe psychosocial stressors (unemployment, chronic invalidating illness, migration, gender identity issues, physical and psychological abuse, hold on relationships).

Clinical Neuropsychology

Neuropsychological evaluations for adults, children and elders are under the responsibility of fully trained and certified psychologists, regularly supervised by a professor of neuropsychology. They include the assessment of cognitive functions and IQ with particular focus on ADHD, lecture and language disorders, head injury sequelae and dementia.

Appointment : Cristelle Rodriguez, administrator of the Center

The supervisions

Our Center is fully qualified to organize individual and group supervisions in the field of psychoanalysis and systemic psychotherapy for psychiatrists and psychologists during their postgraduate training.

Appointment : Cristelle Rodriguez, administrator of the Center

Public awareness

Involved in continuous education, the Center Neu Y organizes two thematic conferences per year focusing disputed or socially challenging mental health issues. The first thematic conference will be held on 2020.

Training opportunities

The Center NeuY welcomes young psychologists for their training sessions during their graduate education.

Appointment : Cristelle Rodriguez, administrator of the Center

Our main strengths

  • Rapid access to care (less than 15 days for the first appointment) with 6 day/week possibilities (including Saturday)
  • Extensive knowledge on forensic psychology and psychiatry
  • Technical expertise in a variety of treatments for stress and anxiety, burn-out symptoms, and post-traumatic reactions
  • Language : french, english, italian, greek, portuguese, farsi/dari
  • Focus on the mental health care of vulnerable sub-groups.